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The Passion Behind Pelvic Floor Therapy

I am so passionate about pelvic floor therapy because I see my clients waiting for changes, missing moments, activities and life events because they’re suffering. I see people who brought life into the world missing out on their own. Absolutely nothing compares to the light in their eyes when they get up from the table pain-free, when they shed a tear because the fear of surgery is gone, the smile when they tell me what they CAN do now. We do this for those moments. What a gift it is to give to others but it is love when you see them healing and enjoying life to the fullest. We’ve had clients move away to sail the world because they CAN. Our clients swim in oceans, climb mountains, make love, run marathons and most importantly LIVE pain free, confident lives!

​Life for me is getting down on the floor with the kids, walks in the sunshine, waking up feeling good and healthy, the confidence after an intense workout and eating delicious food with loved ones. But I recognize that not everyone can get up and down off the ground pain free, or take walks or even get out of bed without suffering let alone workout pain-free, even meals can be stressful if someone is dealing with constipation. It keeps me up at night knowing that so many people take these symptoms as standard. “Knees ache as you age” “You leak after babies” “Back pain is normal” “Sex isn’t as good postpartum” accepting these issues leaves us at risk. Loss of independence in later life; issues with incontinence both fecal and urine, back, knee and hip pain.

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Allison Feldt

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