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True total body health or true total body Aesthetics, they are not the same. Looking good or feeling good… Can you have both? 

My most controversial podcast yet.

With the push in our society to be all about aesthetics 

All about how bomb you look 

There are endless procedures to help you feel like you look good. 

You can get a butt overnight with a Brazilian butt lift

You can get boobs

You can get your wrinkles taken away 

You can get fat sucked out of anywhere 

You can get eye lashes

You can dye your hair 

You can do all of these or none of these and the one thing that people are doing when they do these things is to feel good about themselves 

I totally get it. We want to feel the best in our bodies. And when we feel good and love ourselves we look bomb, to ourselves at least and that’s what matters 

So you gotta do what makes you feel that way. Because life is too short not to feel good.

But let’s talk about what makes life long healthy bodies. What enhances and optimizes us as humans. What actually helps us defy the aging process, I don’t think it’s Botox and fillers, I could be wrong but just a hunch.

What truly helps us optimize our physical and emotional spiritual and mental health, is  completely different and often diametrically opposed to what we would do if just seeking “looking good” or pursuing aesthetic changes.

Let me digress, I love bodybuilding. I am obsessed with muscles and it’s the primary reason I became a physical therapist. At one point after I finished my hockey career and then wasn’t getting the results I wanted from running marathons I started bodybuilding, lifting for an aesthetic appearance but with this you also seek a symmetry and muscular balance that’s good for the skeleton. But with body building and the deeper you go into it, it comes with unhealthy relationships to food, eating disorders ect because the diet can be so depleting and strict. 

Yes I experienced all of this as an aftermath of competing in a show. Well I think lifting weights and body building to build muscle is extremely healthy and very good but can definitely turn to not so healthy when we start talking about depletion and dehydration for shows. 

It started out in the name of health and then quickly flips to aesthetics. With that often comes getting implants, Botox, fillers…. and possibly using steroids to get the muscles bigger.

Our society is a damn trip. 

We want health yet we sacrifice it for aesthetics

We want health yet we refuse to invest time or money in supporting our health goals. 

A client told me earlier this week, “I am on a pursuit to be the healthiest version of myself and if I don’t prioritize my health optimization right now, I know I will be prioritizing illness later.”

This statement hit me so hard and I couldn’t have said it any better. It’s our job to keep our one body working at its most optimal level possible. However you can’t see that investment…. it’s not noticeable. That’s why I think it’s so important to pursue what makes you feel your absolute best.

I applaud our clients for pursuing taking care of their health, putting their pelvic wellness first. Knowing that this will help them feel their absolute best right now but also knowing that it is preventative for some many time consuming, painful, embarrassing and irritating conditions down the line. 

Yea we may not be able to see how freaking powerful your core is and how healthy your pelvic floor is but keep it that way and in 15-20 years you won’t have to be suffering with the debilitating sciatica pain, or going in for that hip replacement or wearing diapers because your peeing. When you have that and wear diapers, does it really matter how many wrinkles we have in our foreheads? Just some food for thought. 


Dr. Allison


Allison Feldt

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