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Weight-loss and Growth: Dr. Allison’s Raw And Vulnerable Journey

So a few weeks back I was looking for pics from the time I did a figure competition….. In 2014. After playing college hockey and getting burnt out running half marathons and marathons, I found bodybuilding.

I just wanted to see what that physique I had looked like back then. It was definitely not the most healthy time in my life but I’m so grateful for that experience. I was the leanest I had ever been yet could pick apart all these flaws in my body. But I would be lying if I told you those pictures from back then don’t motivate the shit out of me now.

I had a page called Journey To Shred where I tracked and shared my journey to the stage. When I reinvested back into my fitness journey in January 2022 I was feeling so weak and immobile back then and honestly I was struggling to wipe my own butt. I wanted my body to feel different. I also got hit super hard with Covid in December 2021 and I just wanted my body to be stronger to fight these viruses.

I have been on such a journey since my bodybuilding experiment.

I built a business, had three kids, wrote a bestselling book (hopefully almost 2)….. those are some of the accolades but the true journey has been one of fulfillment and self love. You can have all the accomplishments and things in the world and still not be content and still not love yourself.

In 2017 when I had just had #2 and started the business I had no idea the self discovery journey that this would put me on.

From the stress of starting the business, trying to make an income that could support us staying in this area, with two kids in daycare, a mortgage and student loan payments….. to the life I live now feels like eons ago. I had two jobs to supplement the start of the business. I signed up for some business coaching (still one of the best things I continually invest in). Along the way, I quit the second job, got a brick and mortar, moved to a bigger one, and expanded to another location.

Built a world class team and continued to expand myself as a human and leader in the industry and for my team. I am still learning daily. I have a strong passion that fuels the fire to keep going. Even though in 2021 I did some searches to get a staff physical therapy job, and considered what that life would be like again, not having to worry about how I was going to make my paycheck. That was the last time I did that.

It’s never easy, but I found satisfaction in every step. I learned along the way, it is not about money (once i got to a comfortable place and could buy groceries, I will never take that for granite but I realized the path and pursuit was for something much larger than cash. It was truly for fulfillment. I have found this in what Body Motion stands for and plan to continually spread this mission, over and over and over again.)

On this journey I had work to do on myself. I have definite moments of doubt, fear and times where I didn’t fully love myself.

I sought counseling, I sought nutrition coaches, I sought spiritual coaches, energy coaches, money coaches, I consumed endless self help books. I have come to the realization that the more I continue to grow, the more fulfillment and satisfaction that I receive. I am especially grateful for that. So if you can think of some type of coach, I have probably hired them.

At the moment I have a nutrition and fitness coach, a business coach and a spiritual coach.

Currently seeking a financial coach/planner!

I digress, in Jan 2022 6 months after having Jayla, I had already been on this journey of self love, forgiveness and compassion to myself. (Believe it or not it took me hiring a lot of coaches to tell me that I needed to explore these concepts of self love and truly embrace myself

I didn’t weigh myself the entire pregnancy, I was at my heaviest pregnancy ever and I knew it.

The thing was I was still strong and still healthy even though I was fat (not an insult btw). I was incredibly badass. And whatever phase you’re in currently I hope you can view yourself through that same lens.

I really had grown to love my body and what it had created all around me. The body was just a vessel for the light that operated the whole deal. But I knew that this body could operate at a better level for me. I needed to work on investing in my muscles and bones. This was probably my last kid and I needed to not feel so stiff and weak. So I decided to start a fitness journey. From Jan 2022 til May 2022 I lost about 40lbs. From May 2022-Sept 2023 I continued to train but my weight would fluctuate up and down 20-25lbs. I didn’t want to be the statistic that nearly 95% of people gain more weight back after losing it or whatever that number is. So I knew what I was doing wasn’t sustainable.

I hired a different coach and then a different coach.

The current person I’m working with has been a game changer for many reasons but the biggest part is that this is for my life. Yes I do like the ascetic changes, 100%  the reality is I need something sustainable that day in and day out I can accomplish, love and stay true to.

For me, I love lifting weights, so when I say train that is what I mean. I don’t love it everyday, but my body needs it. The primary goal now, is I am training for perimenopause and menopause. I want as much muscle mass as possible going into that phase of life, as once we transition through menopause it’s hard to maintain and build more. However, it is very possible! The muscles keep the bones strong. The muscles in the right places keep the pelvic floor, hips, back and body strong!!! This is the pursuit. (And the continued pursuit to avoid a prolapse surgery). You better believe pelvic Wellness PT at Body Motion is the number one thing that allows me to continue to build better patterns and keep my body mobile and healthy so I can train and continue to progress.

If I am not progressing, then I am simply regressing.

I don’t just say this because I am biased. Everyone who wants to progress their physical body and I will go on a limb and even say mental health, needs continued pelvic floor work! (RSVP to this email if you want to schedule your tune up). These are so much more closely related than ever given credit for. When your pelvic floor and core is working for you, your joints feel that much better and it is much easier to hit your goals. And generally when you feel better, then your energy and mental health thrive too.

So in August 2023 I gave up alcohol as it never felt good in my body but especially after having the third, I could never sacrifice the way it made me feel less than optimal, even after only a drink. Will I drink again? Maybe…. probably yes but the reality is it didn’t line up with my current goals.

September 2023 I hired my current fitness and nutrition coach. So far I am down 50 lbs with him and have gained muscle even with the dramatic weight loss.

I go back and forth on whether I want to share pictures of this journey. It’s just a continuum and I can honestly say I have loved every single form of myself since the start of my pregnancy with Jayla.

You can love yourself and still want to change aspects of yourself.

So I continue this journey of self love and fulfillment. When I am truly invested in this, my non-negotiable include: caring about every aspect of my health and wellness including mental and spiritual health. Everything else comes next. But when my base camp of health and wellness is being checked off everything else thrives.

Just thought I would share what I have been up to.

One mantra I keep saying to myself is “everyone can do this, but I will do this.”

Exploring being “able” to do something versus actually taking action to do it. Completely different things.

Cheers to you on your health journey. And I hope sharing this helps you along your own journey. I get motivated by transformation pics and so I share mine, not as a brag, not as I am done, but as a pic to give hope and validation to wherever you may be.


Allison Feldt

Body Motion Physical Therapy

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